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gDAS-32 Technology

SouthernRocks association with the Chilean company Advanced Geophysical Technologies S.A. (AGT) has provided over 15 years of seamless development of the gDAS32 32-bit distributed array system and our long term commitment to AGT provides SouthernRock with exclusive and dedicated availability of the gDAS32 technology.

The system’s design concept has been driven by the requirement for cost efficient high resolution geophysical data acquisition in extremely adverse conditions. With the principal focus on simplicity and flexibility, the gDAS-32 delivers a system customizable to any array structure from detailed project scale to regional survey geometries without the need for intra-array communication. Each gDAS-32 unit comprises two 32-bit ADC’s for acquisition of data from electric-field dipoles, magnetometers, seismometers, etc. with internal filtering and data storage driven by programmable acquisition schedules slaved to GPS timing signals. Simultaneous acquisition, for example of multiple lines of Offset (3D tomography) IP arrays or of very large distributed arrays of Vector / Recce IP and MT stations, permits both enhanced productivity and data quality with extended coverage for greater depths of investigation compared to more conventional systems. State-of-the-art processing, including telluric cancelation and adaptive filtering techniques, and modeled parameter fitting further enhance survey results even under the most adverse conditions.

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